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Footwork is the foundation for everything in basketball! Doesn’ t matter if its dribbling, passing,

shooting, rebounding, playing defense, cutting, etc. It all starts with footwork. With that being said, its

suprising that we don’t spend more time addressing it in practice! Today we will attempt to discuss and

address the many ways we can use proper footwork to raise the level of our players. In addition to

footwork we will also discuss other factors that contribute to more success such as tempo change and

attacking angles!


We will begin today with the ladder. I like to use the ladder to warmup and and get the feet going. I also

like to use it as a tool to teach the importance of balance and control. First thing that should be

understood is that CONTROL and BALANCE are more important than SPEED. Being fast is fine, but not

when you lose your balance and control in the process! So I think its important to begin at a very slow

pace and gradually pick up the speed as we begin to master the steps. Its also important to realize that

not everyone has the same speed, and THAT’S ok!


Triple threat- The most effective position that allows the player to commit any of the main 3 offensive

actions: Dribbling, Passing and Shooting!


*In practice I prefer my students to first learn certain drills and exercises without the basketball,

focusing on mastering the FOOTWORK!



-Catch and drible right/left

-Catch and jab right/left

-Catch, shot fake and attack right/left

-Catch, shot fake jab and attack right/left

-Catch, jab, hesitate and drive right/left

-Catch, reverse pivot and attack right/left


Points of emphasis:

-Important to maintain balance and control here!

-Stay low and protect the ball with your hips. Your body between the ball and the defender.

-Attack at the proper angle. Its important to ATTACK the defender as opposed to around him!

-Goal is to place the first step past the defender if possible while still protecting the ball!

Drills: Use the cones as defender



-Catch, protect, pivot and pass

-Catch, protect, pivot and pass (Cross step)

- Catch, protect, pivot, ball fake and pass



-Circle drill (pass, follow the pass)

-Olympic Passing drill

Catching/Shooting (We will begin to focus more on the footwork here)

-Stay low, show hands and step into the pass!

-Hop step vs. 1-2


*Hop step is good because pivot foot is not established. 1-2 is more effective to get into your shot



-Hop step square your body as the ball is in the air

-1-2 allows you to curl around on the catch


-Catch and shoot

-Catch and shoot over the hand

-Numbers 1-5 catch and shoot

-Pin down catch and shoot


Jump Rope- Helps with footwork, timing co-ordination

-2 feet

-1 foot alternate

-back and fourth

-side to side

-Circle jump

-Running jumps (stationary)

-2 feet (moving)

-2 feet sideways (moving)

-Running jumps (moving)


Footwork off the dribble




-Between the legs

-Behind the back with brake

-Wrap around the back


-In and out

-In and out crossover

-Hop back and go



Changing tempo

-How we play

-How we should play



-over the court change of speed straight

-over the court change of speed zig zag

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